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We Specialise in Providing Special and Unique Corporate Tennis Experiences at Some of the UK’s Most Prestigious Tennis Venues to Help Engage Your Employees and Provide the Perfect Environment for Team Building and Networking

Event Days

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Event Days

We are proud to have partnered with some of the UK’s most prestigious tennis venues to provide the perfect setting for a fun packed day of tennis for your employees and guests to enjoy. We have a wide range of packages to select from and can also create bespoke packages to meet your company’s vision.
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Lunch Time & After Work Sessions

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Lunch Time & After Work Sessions

These sessions are a great way to support the health and wellbeing of your employees in a fun and active format. We offer a wide range of services to promote collaboration, fitness, and competition. We will work closely with your company to find the perfect venue and to advertise the sessions.
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Key Features & Benefits

Our Packages are Tailored to Your Specific Business Needs so Click On The Images Below for More Information About Our Key Features and Benefits

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  • Networking & Team Building

    We cater to both company specific and cross-industry events to help provide the perfect day out for your employees to enjoy. Our packages include both tennis and networking components to the event, which allow networking between all players and guests. We will work in collaboration with you and your company to build a bespoke package based on your vision for the event.


    • Engaged and motivated employees produce results
    • The opportunity to collaborate with people from other teams in the company
    • Helping employees to build key relationships through cross-industry events

    "We create a fun and collaborative environment for your employees to strengthen existing relationships and build new relationships with colleagues across the organisation."

    Tennis Icon UK Team

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    From providing a platform for developing Tennis talent from a young age, to donating 20% of our Corporate Event Day profits to a UK based children’s charity to help them to increase the scale of impact of their incredible hard work, Tennis Icon UK is passionate about making a positive and lasting impact to the lives of children.


    • Build relationships with the local community
    • Develop the next generation of tennis superstars in the UK
    • Enhance Company Reputation

    "Each and every event has the potential to make a positive and lasting impact on society."

    Tennis Icon UK Team

  • Building Your Brand Awareness

    We have exclusive relationships with some of the most prestigious tennis venues in the UK to provide the perfect setting to host your event. On event day, we can offer the facilities to promote the brand through banners, screens, social media and much more. As a contributor to the Tennis Icon UK Scholarship Fund, we will include your name in all communications to publicise the success stories of the fund.


    • Promote the event to local and national press plus industry publications
    • Associate your branding with successful cross-industry events
    • Provides an additional marketing channel for your business

    "Bring something new and exciting to the table and gain valuable time with clients and prospective customers."

    Tennis Icon UK Team

  • Supporting Health & Wellbeing

    Our tennis packages offer the players the opportunity to play a competitive and high-energy sport in a doubles or singles format. Our unique tournament structures ensure that players have a full day playing schedule organised for them. We also offer a wide range of catering services with healthy meals and refreshments provided throughout the day.


    • A fitter and healthier workplace is a more productive workplace
    • Attract new talent with more incentives promoting an active lifestyle
    • More confident, goal-oriented employees

    "If you can keep yourself physically fit and mentally alert, and have time to relax, then you will perform far better than people who work every minute of the day and never manage to break away from work."

    Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group of Companies. Quote taken from: Bull, S. (2006). The Game Plan: Your Guide to Mental Toughness at Work. John Wiley & Sons.

How It Works

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4 We Will Work With The Venue of Choice & Present You a Proposal For The Event
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